Yamato Japan Insulation

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Thermal Insulation Materials


Yamato Japan Insulation

Country of origin:

Japan. (Japan International Standard)


Types of insulation:

  1. 6.35 mm ID x 10 mm THK
  2. 9.52 mm ID x 10 mm THK
  3. 12.7 mm ID x 10 mm THK

(** ID – Internal Diameter , ** THK – Thickness)


Temperature Range :

  • By having a lower temperature, it means that the insulation can resist a lower temperature before condensation appears.
  • Temperature Range : -265’C to +120’C
  • Thermal Conductivity : K Value = 0.029W/(m.k) @ 0’C

K Value :

  • Insulation with high K value increase unnecessary electricity consumption and forces the compressors to work restlessly, thus shortening the lifespan of the compressors. High K value insulation has more possibilities of condensation problems.
  • Water Vapour Diffusion Resistance  Factor:  µ Factor = 25,000

µ Factor :

  • The water vapour  resistance factor, commonly called µ Factor, is therefore a dimensionless number describing how many times better a material or product is at resisting the passage of water vapour, compared with an equivalent thickness of air.
  • The lower the µ Factor, the thicker the insulation needed to achieve the same result of not having condensation.
  • Insulation tubes are used to insulate the copper pipe when running with refrigerant, as the pipes are cooler than the ambient temperature. Without the insulation, the copper pipes will sweat or accumulate condensation of its own.
  • Insulation tubes with inferior quality will result in a higher condensation rate and cause water leakages along the piping.These problems will only surface later and you will end-up spending more in the long run.
  • 100% Environmental Friendly. more about. Click here..
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  • Saves time – Rapid installation time lets you get the job done quicker – in less than half the time.
  • No powder, no glue and no tape – The pre-insulated continuous more then 15m coil means there is no longer a need to cut, thread on or seal insulation joins every two meters.
  • Easy to install – Protected by a tough outer polyethylene film, Ardent Pair Coil can be pushed through tight spaces without damaging the insulation. The outer film also gives an attractive neat finish.
  • Convenient Packaging – Securely packed in cardboard cartons for ease of transport and storage.


Inverter Air conditioners are energy efficient  that saves you more money in the long run by using new CFC-FREE refrigerant, R410. R410A’s have a higher working pressure that is 1.6-2 times higher thus giving you colder and faster cooling power but with this aspect you need to have insulation of µ Factor at least 5,000 and above. So when you purchase your air conditioners, remember not just look on pricing but insist on good quality materials that can serves you more in long term.




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