Mitsubishi MR-WX47LF-F-P (Nett 371L) 6 Door Refrigerator – Glass Beige

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Key Features

Neuro inverter

Neuro Inverter System controls the Neuro Fuzzy Microprocessor, inverter compressor, and fan speed. Neuro Fuzzy can adjust to the most suitable operation and memorize the household’s usage pattern through various time frames to automatically operate the refrigerator in optimal condition.

Independent compartments

The indirect wind flow design retains moisture in the independent room for long-lasting delicious vegetables and fruits.

Supercool freezing

Supercool chilling function is ideal for storing meat, fish, and other perishable food. This room keeps its temperature at about -3°C to 0°C, without freezing the food.

Vitamin factory

The use of LED sunlight promotes photosynthesis in the vegetable compartment, such that chlorophyll remains active and vitamin C is increased to keep vegetables fresh. Vegetables and fruits can be kept longer in the vegetable case because Mitsubishi Electric’s airflow system retains moisture in the case.

Auto ice maker

All compartments, including ice tray, pump pipe and filter, are detachable for easy washing. The tray is also antibacterial for more cleanliness.

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