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  • Stainless Steel Bracket


    Stainless Steel Bracket

    Types of Bracket:

    1. Normal L
    2. Normal L with Punch Thru
    3. Long L
    4. Normal 7
    5. Long 7
    6. Window
    7. Window Openning
    8. Ceiling Suspend
    9. Base
    10. Floor Standing



    • The brackets are structural support to the condenser.
    • Brackets are welded by qualified welder and installed by qualified installer. Defective bracket may snap off suddenly and your air conditioner hurtling several storeys down your apartments.
    • Stainless steel bracket must be used to support the air-conditioning units in one of the standard method  stipulated in the Building Control Regulations.
    • The way brackets are welded affects its quality and grade; low quality brackets will rust prematurely.
    • Brackets that do not meet government regulations are classified as illegal installation which carry sever penalties!
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