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    Copper coil


    Best Tech Standard Copper Coil

    (Available to Best Tech Installation Standard)

    Types of Copper Coil:

    1. 6.35mm ID x 0.71mm SWG
    2. 9.52mm ID x 0.71mm SWG
    3. 12.7mm ID x 0.71mm SWG

    (** ID – Internal Diameter, **SWG – Standard Wire Gauge)



    • The quality of copper pipes utilized for installation affect its lifespan. Inferior copper pipes will not only be unable to withstand high gas pressure but also results in gas leak, leading to premature failure of your air conditioner.
    • Thickness : 22 SWG / 0.71mm
    • Pre-insulated pair copper coil is just about the best invention since the air conditioner itself. By eliminating cutting, threading on and sealing of insulation it can reduce your install times by as much as half.
    • Best Tech copper coil features a special polyethylene outer film that prevents creasing and helps to protect the insulation when passing the coil through difficult spaces. What’s more, it provides UV resistance. All this makes Best Tech copper coil easier to install and ensures ultra-long-life performance.
    • Best Tech copper coil is R410A refrigerant compliant and available in five size combinations. So when you want the job done fast, get Best Tech copper coil.
    • Tubes with inferior quality will result in a higher condensation rate and cause leakages. These problems will only surface later and you will end up spending more in the long run.
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